Common Request Body Parameters

MONO, OKRA and DOJAH Statements

Body Parameter NameRequiredTypeBody Parameter Description
statementNameYesstringA unique name for a statement.
clientFullNameNostringThe full name of the consumer for which the statement is being analyzed.
bankNameNostringThe name of the bank which issued the statement
accountTypeNostringThe type of account.
accountNameNostringThe name of the account.
transactionsYesarrayAn array of transactions
transactions[i].dateYesDate string (preferably in ISO 8601 format: ex. yyyy-MM-dd)A date representation of when the transaction occurred. Preferably in ISO 8601.
transactions[i].descriptionYesstringA description of the transaction
transactions[i].balanceYesdoubleA balance of the account when the transaction occurred.
transactions[i].amountYesdoubleThe amount of money in the transaction.
transactions[i].typeYesstringThe type of transaction, must be either DEBIT or CREDIT.

Additional Notes

A minimum of ten transactions are required, otherwise a 404 bad request will be returned by the Insights API.