Parameter Description

filesPDF Files to be analyzedfilesYes
passwordsComma separated passwords of attached PDFs. (If there are no password, pass a comma separated empty string e.g. { , })stringYes
statementTypesComma statement types of attached PDFsstringYes
baseStatementKeyStatement Key of initially processed statementintYes
uniqueIdentifierUnique Id to Identify the consolidated statementstringNo
bvnBvn Of Consolidated StatementstringNo
bearertokenAuthentication CredentialsstringYes

CURL Request

curl --location --request PUT '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {bearertoken}' \
--form 'files=@"/C:/file1.pdf"' \
--form 'files=@"/C:/file2.pdf"' \
--form 'passwords="password1,password2"' \
--form 'statementTypes="CONSUMER,BUSINESS"' \
--form 'baseStatementKey="3"' \
--form 'uniqueIdentifier="{uniqueId}"' \
--form 'bvn="{bvn}"'