"bvn": "22*******80",
    "firstName": "ABC",
    "middleName": "DEF",
    "lastName": "XYZ",
    "dateOfBirth": "1990-01-01",
    "registrationDate": "2022-02-13",
    "enrollmentBank": "058",
    "enrollmentBranch": "LASU",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "gender": "Male",
    "levelOfAccount": "Level 3 - High Level Accounts",
    "lgaOfOrigin": "Isoko North",
    "lgaOfResidence": "Ikbo Okha",
    "maritalStatus": "Single",
    "nin": "4*******3",
    "nameOnCard": "ABC, DEF XYZ",
    "nationality": "Nigeria",
    "phoneNumber1": "07********7",
    "phoneNumber2": null,
    "residentialAddress": "NSO QTRS, ADUWAWA, BENIN CITY ",
    "stateOfOrigin": "ABC State",
    "stateOfResidence": "XYZ State",
    "title": "Mr",
    "watchListed": "NO",
    "photo": "BASE64",
    "type": "BVN"

Response Parameters

bvnCustomer's BVNstring
firstNameCaptures the first namestring
lastNameCaptures the last namestring
middleNameCaptures the middle namestring
dateOfBirthCaptures the date of birthstring
registrationDateCaptures the registeration datestring
enrollmentBankCaptures the registeration enrollment bankstring
enrollmentBranchCaptures the registeration enrollment branchstring
emailCaptures the emailstring
genderCaptures the genderstring
levelOfAccountCaptures the level of accountstring
lgaOfOriginCaptures the lga of originstring
lgaOfResidenceCaptures the lga of residencestring
maritalStatusCaptures the marital statusstring
ninCaptures the NINstring
nameOnCardCaptures the name on cardstring
nationalityCaptures the nationalitystring
phoneNumber1Captures the phone numberstring
phoneNumber2Captures the phone numberstring
residentialAddressCaptures the residential addressstring
stateOfOriginCaptures the state of originstring
stateOfResidenceCaptures the state of residencestring
titleCaptures the titlestring
watchListedCaptures the watch listedstring
photoCaptures the photobase64
typeCaptures the type of KYC Integrationstring