"rcNumber": "1*****2",
    "registrationDate": "2021-07-12",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "state": null,
    "id": 1234567,
    "address": "XYZ STREET",
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "city": null,
    "companyStatus": "ACTIVE",
    "lga": null,
    "classificationId": 2,
    "branchAddress": null,
    "approvedName": "ABC TECHNOLOGIES",
    "type": "CAC"

Response Parameters

rcNumberCustomer's RC Numberstring
registrationDateCaptures the registeration datestring
emailCaptures the emailstring
stateCaptures the statestring
idCaptures the IDint
addressCaptures the addressstring
statusCaptures the statusstring
cityCaptures the citystring
companyStatusCaptures the company statusstring
lgaCaptures the lgastring
classificationIdCaptures the classification idint
branchAddressCaptures the branch addressstring
approvedNameCaptures the approved namestring
typeCaptures the type of KYC Integrationstring